How Can LocalService Help Your Business?

1. We send you requests for your service

  • We get details of what customers need & send them to you
  • Only verfied requests from genuine customers would be sent out
  • You can choose your favourite contact method such as email, phone call, whatsapp or wechat
  • 2. You decide if you want the job

  • You decide whether the job is right before responding with a personal intro & price quote
  • We automatically send you business profile containing your reviews. past work and contact details to the customer
  • 3. Get hired

  • The customer can get quotes from other service providers to compare & decide who to hire
  • When you get hired, we get ratings & reviews of your serivces from customers
  • Good reviews help greatly in getting you more jobs
  • How To Get Hired

    Build a Winning Price

  • Promote your experience and skills
  • Add your qualifications, certifications, licenses etc
  • Include photographs of yourself and your work
  • Provide Great Services & Ask for Reviews

  • Respond quickly with your quotation
  • Always follow up with the customer
  • Ask for reviews from customers. It helps greatly in getting future Jobs
  • Make a Personal Connection

  • Be clear & professional in your intro to the customer
  • Give a detailed, accurate and competitive quote
  • If you can't quote, give an estimate or range price
  • Follow Up

  • Follow up with the customer after spending a quote
  • Keep trying. Persistence is key
  • Ask us for help if needed. We're happy to assist
  • LocalService is a platform that is dedicated to providing adequate services to individuals, households and companies within Malaysia.

    We Make Your Life Easier.


    Working Time
    Mon-Sun: 9:00a.m. to 9:00p.m.