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    kahasiyo oo
    kahasiyo oo
    04:41 05 Jul 19
    Excellent service! So fast and reasonably priced. He's wonderful to deal with, very nice and personable. We have called them back every time we need service, and repeat business says it all!read more
    Pro TraderClub
    Pro TraderClub
    05:22 17 Jun 19
    Very good services, i like the quality work provided, this is my 3x third times i user the services, today decide to post some review as appreciate the work!read more
    Thomas Ooi
    Thomas Ooi
    09:53 12 Jun 19
    Very good service. have been calling for plumbing service the whole day but none pick up my phone. I stumbled upon local service.my and through WhatsApp we chatted and within 10 minutes I got the contact of the plumber and best is the plumber willing to come at 7pm. Very grateful to local service.my.read more
    bingo bingo
    bingo bingo
    05:36 10 Jun 19
    I called plumber at 8:45pm on a Saturday evening when my washing machine had backed up and flooded my kitchen floor, dripping water down through my neighbor's ceiling. He offered to come immediately - quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem, and waited for the washing machine to run a couple of cycles so we could be absolutely sure it was working correctly. The plumber was professional, cheerful, and efficient. His service was top notch and I would absolutely call him again if I needed plumbing assistance!read more
    eric tey
    eric tey
    05:26 10 Jun 19
    Thanks for localservice sending me a good and reliable maid. The maid delivered a good quality job. I am happy with the service. definately will use the service again!read more
    john thereson
    john thereson
    06:52 13 May 19
    Really Efficient and call out very quickly handled on a Saturday Night - Thank You
    xhandy tey
    xhandy tey
    07:08 09 May 19
    Amazing service, efficiency, great deal, would definitely recommend! Best company ever find!
    sunyou tey
    sunyou tey
    12:28 08 May 19
    Efficiency solve , excellent service . I had the mad service and plumbing, so experienced . Waiting time taked but it is acceptable!read more
    zawanah zakaria
    zawanah zakaria
    11:08 08 May 19
    Recently engaged with their service and the service was just awesome and amazing. Would definitely engage their service again due to the reasonable pricing and great service they have provided for us. Plus the staffs are really friendly.read more
    Ricardo Yeong
    Ricardo Yeong
    07:05 08 May 19
    Recently ask for plumbing and electrical services at my place, I would say their services is responsive and affordable. Overall, I am satisfying with their services and their charges is reasonable in town.read more
    Eric Tan
    Eric Tan
    06:47 07 Jan 19
    good service, reasonable and affordable price, very professional!
    mengfoh lim
    mengfoh lim
    10:48 15 Nov 18
    friendly customer service and fair price
    bear_bear 97
    bear_bear 97
    09:27 13 Nov 18
    good service!!
    eng soon tan
    eng soon tan
    04:49 23 Oct 18
    good service & cheaper !!
    Tech Edge
    Tech Edge
    09:06 16 Oct 18
    Good service, fast and friendly. Will find them again.
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